UKIP asked to step in to help oppose Chaddesden housing development

Chaddesden residents have approached local UKIP campaigners to assist in their opposition to a proposed housing development to build 300 houses, after Labour Councillors have failed to help. The development that will see up to 300 properties built on the land known as Brook Farm is being proposed by Radleigh Homes. However with concerns over flooding, decimation of wildlife and increased traffic in the area, local residents fear their voices are not being heard particularly by the Chaddesden ward Labour Councillors who have failed to even effectively inform locals of the plans to build. 
Local Chaddesden resident and UKIP Derby Branch Secretary Steve Hassall, said “most people in Chaddesden don’t even know what’s going off on their own doorstep, the Labour Councillors just haven’t done anything to help get the word out” Two proposed access points for the site, one on Oregon Way and the other on Tennessee Road which is close to Chaddesden Park Infant school, has caused great concern to both residents and users of the School who fear increased traffic into such a confined and already congested area is a recipe for disaster.
Steve Hassall who is helping with the campaign said “This development is one of the biggest influx of properties Chaddesden has seen and I fear little thought has been made as to the affect it may have on local facilities like Schools, Doctors and Dentists who just could not cope with added strain when some are already working at capacity” Steve continued “Brook Farm is one of the last unspoilt green areas in Chaddesden and it would be criminal to deny locals the use of it, if anything we should be looking at getting Brook Farm protected status, from Chaddesden’s point of view, this development doesn’t have any plus sides and it is us (the residents) that will suffer if building goes ahead, only the Land owners and developers have anything to gain”. At a recent Neighbourhood forum meeting it was identified that only 100 homes had been informed via a leaflet explaining a proposal was being made on the site, even though Chaddesden has almost 6000 houses within its boundary.
UKIP have undertaken a leafleting campaign in order to inform all residents of the proposal and are asking locals to work together to oppose the development when plans are eventually submitted. Steve Hassall commented ”  It’s vital that everyone in Chaddesden is made aware of these plans and ultimately they have a right to know. I am shocked and sadden that paid local Labour Councillors have chosen to ignore residents wishes on this matter leaving them out to dry, this issue is set to have a negative impact on this community and elected representatives who should be giving locals a voice have just gone silent. UKIP has a default position of opposing building on greenbelt and areas like Brook Farm and is more than happy to assist residents on this issue. In my view this development needs to be nipped in the bud and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens”


Steve Hassall | UKIP Derby Branch Secretary | t: 07815071797 | e: | w:

NOTE FOR EDITORS: The correct format for the party name is: ‘UKIP’ – entirely in upper case, with no spaces.

15th June 2013

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